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Why Choose Us

"We don't just care for your pets, we treat them as our own."

While some pets do just fine in a kennel or boarding facility, many become highly stressed due to the change of environment and constant stimulation of an unfamiliar environment. Face it, aren't we all more comfortable in our own homes?

We at CV PETS believe that every pet deserves the absolute finest care & we strive to give the best care for your furry loved ones. Every sitter is background-checked, trained, bonded, & insured to ensure our commitment to providing the best care for every one of your pets. We look forward to meeting you & your pets! 

-Jennifer & Team


a happy & healthy pet

A Happy Pet= A Happy Owner. When there is Less Stress & Anxiety on your Pet, Everyone is Happy! When a Pet stays At Home, They're Less Susceptible of Catching Bugs & Diseases because They're Home!

A Stress-Free Pet

Pets are Comfortable at Home in a Stress-Free Environment. No Strange Facilities, Smells, Small Spaces, Other Animals, or  Unfamiliar People. Your Pet Will Be at Ease Being in Their Normal Environment!

individualized attention

When a Pet Sitter stays with Your Pet in Your Home, Your Pet Gets Individualized, Personal Attention & Love They Deserve while You're Away! Plus, We'll Be Keeping an Eye Out for Your Home While Away!

Benefits of In-Home Pet Sitting:

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